June 20-25, 2021

Colocated Events: HOPL IV, ISMM, LCTES, ARRAY, Infer Practitioners, MAPS, PLanQC, PLMW, SOAP, and Tutorials

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Getting Started

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    • Click Join Slack and select "Sign in with PLDI 2021". Use the same email address and password as for this website, and update your Slack profile's display name to be your full name and affiliation.
    • Click Join Gather and follow the instructions for generating a magic sign-on link using the same email address as for this website.
    After completing these steps, you can access Slack and Gather by clicking any #Slack or  Gather button on our site.
  4. Watch our videos below on how to participate in and enjoy PLDI.

A Message from the General Chair

How to PLDI: Website, Slack, and Gather

Pure Implementation

Welcome to PLDI 2021!

We hope you will enjoy the many activities happening this week. Please follow the Getting Started instructions above to ensure you are able to participate in all of them.

You can navigate to everything the week has to offer through the top menu bar. We recommend beginning with the Schedule for an overview of the week.

PLDI Technical Conference. The main PLDI conference will occur June 23-25 and features three invited keynotes, over eighty technical paper talks, poster sessions, and AMAs. See the Featured and Papers pages for details. The Papers page offers a variety of ways to browse the PLDI papers. Each paper has its own page, featuring one or more video presentations, and a Slack channel to directly engage with the authors.

The PLDI technical papers sessions consist of parallel tracks of five-minute talks shown on video streams PLDI-A and PLDI-B, followed by a poster session in Gather for Q&A and in-depth discussion with the authors from all the papers in the session. Each paper's page includes the times that it will be featured in technical session video streams and poster sessions. All other PLDI technical events will be streamed to PLDI-A.

PLDI's days will be mirrored twelve hours after their first occurence. We’ll replay the talks and hold the poster sessions for a second time, providing another opportunity to enjoy post-talk discussions with the authors and other attendees. Some events, such as the AMAs, will be held live during the mirrored days.

Colocated Events. A variety of other conferences, workshops, and tutorials will take place June 20-22. Our Colocated events page provides the full details for each event, including its video stream, dedicated Slack channel, schedule, and any pre-recorded content.

Community. The week will also feature a number of Community activities, including moderated, small-group discussions in PL Tea, a self-serve mentoring channel for matching mentors and mentees during the conference, a CARES-led discussion on inclusivity, various other social events. Our Gather virtual conference center will open 24 hours a day for meetups and socializing.

Sponsors. Finally, make sure to visit the Sponsors section for information about our sponsors.

Engagement. We have designed our virtual platform and program to provide many different types of opportunities for participation, be it attending events in our live streams, or replaying them afterwards, chatting asynchronously in Slack, or attending poster sessions and meeting others in Gather. Best wishes for a week of learning new ideas, connecting with old colleagues and new, and engaging with the entire PLDI community.

Getting Help
  • For technical difficulties, please contact #helpdesk in Slack.
  • If you cannot access Slack, send email. Use Slack if possible, as email may not be answered as quickly.
  • If you encounter or witness inappropriate conduct, please see our Code of Conduct page for steps to take.