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PLDI Program Overview

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PLDI Tracks. PLDI has two tracks, PLDI-A and PLDI-B. Switch between them by clicking on the PLDI-A and PLDI-B buttons above, or wherever they appear next to the events in the schedule.

Featured Events. Invited Talks, Ask Me Anythings, and other plenary sessions will be shown on the PLDI-A video stream. When sessions feature live Q&A, please ask your questions on the #pldi-a Slack channel.

Technical Sessions. Technical sessions consist of:
  • parallel showings of pre-recorded five-minute talks on the PLDI-A and PLDI-B video streams, followed by
  • a poster session in Gather for Q&A and in-depth discussion with the authors.
Join the Poster Sessions by clicking any Gather button. Head north from the Main Hall to find the poster rooms.

Mirroring. The video streams for PLDI will be mirrored twelve hours later. The mirrored streams will include both pre-recorded content, but also several additional live events. Poster Sessions will be held a second time during the mirrored part of the day.

Video Stream

The full video streams are not available for replay, but you can find recordings of all events here:

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This calendar contains all PLDI-A and PLDI-B events. Sessions labeled Q&A feature live Q&A on Slack channel #pldi-a.          
Use the buttons to right of the events in the schedule to switch tracks or enter Gather.