SOAP: State of the Art in Program Analysis

Lisa Nguyen Quang Do, Caterina Urban

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Static and dynamic analysis techniques and tools for Java, and other programming languages, have received widespread attention for a long time. The application domains of these analyses range from core libraries to modern technologies such as web services and Android applications. Over time, various analysis frameworks have been developed to provide techniques for optimizing programs, ensuring code quality, and assessing security and compliance.

SOAP 2021 aims to bring together the members of the program analysis community to share new developments and shape new innovations in program analysis. For SOAP 2021, we invite contributions and inspirations from researchers and practitioners working with program analysis. We are particularly interested in exciting analysis framework ideas, innovative designs, and analysis techniques, including preliminary results of work in progress. We will also focus on the state of the practice for program analysis by encouraging submissions by industrial participants, including tool demonstration submissions. The workshop agenda will continue its tradition of lively discussions on extensions of existing frameworks, development of new analyses and tools, and how program analysis is used in real-world scenarios.

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